Photo by Joseph P. Traina

Slashed Tires is the ongoing musical endeavor of Seattle-based producer Kenneth M. Piekarski. Classically trained as a trumpet player, Piekarski discontinued playing any instruments on a consistent or serious basis after graduating high school. It wasn't until many years later– in 2007– that they adopted the alias of Slashed Tires and 2009 that they began to experiment with home recording. Through the influences of dance, funk, post-punk, and jazz, they’ve produced five EP’s, and a trove of unreleased and oddball one-off recordings. The release of their greatly anticipated debut album, “Don’t Party” is planned for 2017

Slashed Tires live performances are split between from being unpredictable solo arrangements and a full-on joyous groove experience. Primary Slashed Tires band consists of Heatwarmer’s Aaron Otheim and Luke Bergman, while secondary Slashed Tires band consists of Dude York’s Claire England, Andrew Hall, and Peter Richards