We're currently undergoing "rennovation" or "upgrades" or "preparation for cool things"

If you're just discovering this, here's a summation: OFF TEMPO is a multi-media archive project predominantly covering music in Seattle and other music hotbeds of the Northwest. The project focuses on local and touring musicians performing in alternative venues in all-ages / DIY communities. It is also a secret promoter and a publisher of music (record label)

We're reworking the website so that it's a more efficient archive, integrating the shop (now temporarily at bandcamp) and getting ready to release records again.

For direct updates and news, we have a mailing list that will be active again once all of this work is complete:


In the meantime... our audio archive is inaccessable but our Vimeo has our video archive. There's also this "twitter", a barely utilized Instagram, and a really nice tumblr that is used to post fun and meaningful content. Facebook is terrible, dying and doesn't really work well anymore– so we stopped using it.

Any direct contact can be made via hello~a~offtempo.com

(last updated: 2014/05/19 17h03 GMT -7)

Deep Space, Vancouver, B.C.