New-ish Slashed Tires "Hair Flip Music Video, New EP

Hair flip %28music video%29 This last weekend animator and producer Clyde Petersen traveled to Anacortes, Washington, to do some filming for a music video. Kenneth "Slashed Tires" M. Piekarski and Clyde decided to utilize the full potential of this occasion to eat ice cream, breakfast, play Dutch Blitz and record a Slashed Tires music video. What came of it was roughly one hour of filming at The Business in Anacortes, and at Karl Blau's new space, The Anacortes Music Channel. (Mentioned in our last newsletter.) The music video stars The Business's own Evie Opp & Nick Rennis, and (you're never going to believe this) Karl Blau.

The video features the song, "Hair Flip" that appears on a four song tour EP in the form of a download code loosely attached to a T-Shirt, which at this time can only be purchased on the Slashed Tires // Richard Album Northeast tour. You can view the music video here, or click the image above. Shirt will be revealed at a later time

Slashed Tires + Richard Album Easterly Visit

Dates are below or you can look at this Facebook event, if that's your pleasure.
4/3 – Detroit, MI @ [house show] w/ Coyote Cleanup, Sophie Tulip, Deadbeat

4/4 – Toronto, ON @ Johnny Jackson w/ Billy Moon, Luke Bill, the Fern Tips

4/5 – Buffalo, NY @ Ukrainian Hall

4/7 – Montreal, QC @ Brasserie Beaubien

4/8 – Boston, MA @ [house show]

4/9 – Philadelphia, PA @ A House Named Virtue

4/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv

4/11 – Pittsburgh @ Hairy Debbie's House of Tacos w/ Bad Braids, Ouais, Secret Paper Moon, and Coyotes by the way

4/12 – Columbus, OH (afternoon concert)

4/13 – Chicago, IL @ Cafe Mustache w/ Deadbeat, Dear Companion
After this tour, on May 2nd, Slashed Tires performs their first show in Seattle in roughly 10 months with Your Heart Breaks and iji at the Monkey Pub in Seattle.

Slashed Tires Northeast U.S. Tour with Richard Album

Img 4956 Pacific Northwest post-funk weirdo, Slashed Tires, will be going on their first tour since October 2012. Why so long? Don't know. Maybe ask them or something. After promising for years, Slashed Tires will finally be visiting Richard Album in Chicago, IL, where the two will tour to the Northeastern US and Southeastern Canada. Wow. 4/3 – Detroit, MI @ [house show] w/ Coyote Cleanup, Sophie Tulip, Deadbeat

4/4 – Toronto, ON @ Johnny Jackson w/ Billy Moon, Luke Bill, the Fern Tips

4/5 – Buffalo, NY @ Ukrainian Hall

4/7 – Montreal, QC @ Brasserie Beaubien

4/8 – Boston, MA @ [house show]

4/9 – Philadelphia, PA @ A House Named Virtue

4/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv

4/11 – Pittsburgh @ Hairy Debbie's House of Tacos w/ Bad Braids, Ouais, Secret Paper Moon, and Coyotes by the way

4/12 – Columbus, OH (afternoon concert)

4/13 – Chicago, IL @ Cafe Mustache w/ Deadbeat, Dear Companion

Stream Hungry Cloud Darkening's KEXP In-Studio

Hxcxdx kexp

... From Saturday.

Hear Hungry Cloud Darkening perform mellow-er versions of their songs "I Am Seen", "Fading Comfort", "Blue Green", and "Clearly Seen" from Glossy Recall. Calvin Johnson interviews the band in the middle of their studio session.

You can listen to this in-studio and this whole special edition of Audioasis, here.

Hungry Cloud Darkening KEXP In-Studio

Hungry cloud darkening 2014 02 20

This Saturday (February 28) our Anacortes, Washington band Hungry Cloud Darkening will be performing on Seattle radio station KEXP, via their program Audioasis, hosted by Sharlese Metcalf. This in-studio will be live, on-air, and worldwide at 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. Coincidentally, our friend Calvin Johnson will be a guest DJ from 6-8 PM on Audioasis. Weird!

Stream it via KEXP's website or turn your local dial to 90.3 FM.

They also have an upcoming show with the kind folks in Wind Burial on March 14 at SPACECRAFT (10598 NE Valley Rd Bainbridge Island, WA 98110)

Hungry Cloud Darkening Tours the West

Hungryclouddarkening news 20141203

From the band...

This December Hungry Cloud Darkening is visiting 19 communities on the west coast and in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and British Columbia. It's a series of Hungry Cloud Darkening concerts, supported by local musical acts. We're going to try to translate our particular sound to the stage/garage/rug, each night a fresh puzzle. We're touring in support of our new record entitled "Glossy Recall". We will play versions - some loyal, and some adventurous - of songs from this record plus some brand new songs. We are going to do whatever it takes to feel good no matter how many hours we drove that day. We're going to visit the food co-op in every town.

  • 1st- Seattle, Wa - The Future (5642 Brooklyn Ave. NE) w/ Tessitura, Pill Wonder
  • 2nd- Astoria, Or - Voodoo Room (1114 Marine Dr.)
  • 3rd- Portland, Or - Turn! Turn! Turn! (8 NE Killingsworth St.) w/ Sister Palace
  • 4th- Eugene, Or - (358 West Broadway)
  • 5th- Arcata, Ca - Dreamland concert/craft fair
  • 6th- tba
  • 7th- Oakland, Ca - The Night Light (311 Broadway) w/ Gossimer
  • 8th- Santa Cruz, Ca - tba
  • 9th- LA, Ca - tba
  • 10th- San Diego, Ca - tba
  • 11th- Tucson, Az - tba
  • 12th- Bisbee, Az - Whyld Ass (54 Brewery Ave.)
  • 13th- Phoenix, Az - Trunk Space (1506 Grand Ave.) w/ Hiccups
  • 14th- Albuquerque, Nm - Gold House (1817 Gold Ave.) w/ Blique, Lady Uranium, Deep Secret
  • 15th- Denver, Co - Rhinoceropolis (3553 Brighton Blvd.)
  • 16th- Salt Lake City, Ut - Diabolical Records (238 S Edison St.)
  • 17th- Boise, Id - The Crux (1022 W Main St.) w/ Taylor Robert Hawkins
  • 18th- Vancouver, B.C. - Dynamo Arts Assoc. (30 East 6th Ave.) w/ Only Wolf
  • 19th- Victoria, B.C. - tba

Pre-Order "Glossy Recall"


In one week we'll be releasing Hungry Cloud Darkening's second album, Glossy Recall. We're pretty excited about it.

If this is something that you'd like to order now, you can now definitely pre-order it

Paul Benson spent a lot of time designing the art for this album and screen-printing the first run of LP jackets, which we took photos of over on our blog. The first pressing of this album will be limited to 500, and we'll have CD's until we run out. LP's come with a digital copy of the album.

If you are a record store or if you're someone who lives near one, you'll be pleased to know that The Business in Anacortes distributes OFF TEMPO to record stores WORLDWIDE!

If you've missed any of the press for Glossy Recall, then you can read commentary about some of the tracks, such as "Clearly Seen" via Impose Magazine"Blue Green" via Stereogum, and "Hold This Moment" via BULLETT Media with a quasi-interview.

We'll have an RSS feed soon, if that's your thing, but until then casually check back here for updates. There's also our newsletter, hint hint

NEW RELEASE: Glossy Recall by Hungry Cloud Darkening

Hungry cloud darkening

We’re more than pleased to announce the release of Hungry Cloud Darkening’s second album Glossy Recall on OFF TEMPO.

The record has been rolling around in these ears since it was finished in 2013 and discussions for the bands signing and release started this last December– it's been in the works for a while. Our buds Holy Page released a cassette version of this record in early 2014 (who also released the last Slashed Tires EP Alarm Clock) and it seemed to be a success. Nicholas Wilbur was receiving fan mail from emotional individuals.

When October 07 (a school night) comes about, you’ll be able to acquire this beautifully crafted album in both compact-disc and LP format.

In the meantime, Impose Magazine featured the song "Clearly Seen" this morning. If you're a fan of that publication, maybe mail them a card or treats to show them appreciation.

There will be updates forthcoming about our activities and an explaination of where Off Tempo has been since the almost two year hiatus.

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