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The original name for White Coward was The Sound of Music. I loved that name but hadn’t seen “them” (?) play until they mutated into their current name when performing with the Reno/Portland band Swahili.

This show was packed. It was crazy how many people were there and how posi-mosh everyone was. It’s the most smiles I’ve seen in a mosh pit in a while. Troy (bassist / singer, also in Stickers) is singing whatever it is that he’s singing. I can’t understand much of it but I think a couple songs are about eating that 13 egg omelet at Beth’s Café on Aurora. I haven’t eaten that particular entrée yet but when I can get my hands on whatever recorded material White Coward puts out in the future, I’ll look for the songs that are reviewing the experience of that meal.

I remember on the trip back home, the van I was busy with talking about how great White Coward was and how great the show was overall. How much shredding and kind shoving occurred. How some of us in the car who live together, werne’t vocalizing how we weren’t so excited to leave a figuratively and literally warm space and enter into our house, which was literally cold. 50º F or something. How I was incredibly displeased with myself over the audio being blasted out from Heavy Flow‘s set. How it was okay, because they’ll tour up to the NW again and White Coward played a killer set.

—Kenneth M. Piekarski