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We’ll be at the Vera on Saturday for the DIY Holiday Fair

Did you know that Off Tempo puts out records? Did you know that they’re for sale?

This Saturday, December 10th from 11am – 5pm, Off Tempo will be sharing a table with cassette label, Wizards of the Ghost, and Jane Applesauce’s zine distro service (both Seattle based). Off Tempo will be showing videos that were been produced since 2010, documenting bands playing in Seattle’s alternative / DIY spaces. Available (for free) will be the 3rd edition of our very well received and reputable Zine [] as well as the 2nd edition in limited availability. Click on the hype-link for more info about how great it is, and how you can help support it (with your money).

This is also a great opportunity to provide any Q’s to be A’d.

If you’re interested in buying our releases, here’s what we have available in our catalogue!

  • OFF002 – Shenandoah Davis ‘We; Camera’ [cassette]
  • OFF003 - Slashed Tires ‘Weather (an extended play)’ [poster/digital]
  • OFF004 – Stebmo, Your Heart Breaks, Team Gina, LAKE, Karl Blau ‘Sensual Seduction’ [7”]
  • OFF005 – Shenandoah Davis ‘Two Cover Songs’ [7”]
  • OFF006 – iji ‘Bird-Man Movement Team’ [7”]
  • OFF009 – French Quarter ‘Desert Wasn’t Welcome’ [12” LP]

The Vera Project, in case you are unsure, is located in the Seattle Center on the corner of Warren Ave N & Republican St.

It’ll be great!