assure EP
Slashed Tires

Slashed Tires // assure EP

Over a year after the first set of released recordings, Off Tempo has released a slough of Slashed Tires demo-style songs in the form of an EP called "assure". A kind of b-side for future recordings, this release was largely based off an anxious whim and panic induced by the realization that there was no merch to sell at concerts.

Side A were recorded in the winter of 2012 while on creative and free time spress and written during a short trip to visiting friends and perform in Iceland and Paris in the preceding fall.

Side B was recorded in the summer of 2011 by Jane Applesauce (Bloodsweep, Cowlick) and Geoff Traeger (Swamp Meat, Slashed Tires) as an experiment to track live while playing as many instruments as possible.

  1. Ready Made
  2. Sift
  3. Half Try
  4. Mull It Over (feat. Abi Swanson)
  5. Sign
  6. Display
  7. Weather
  8. Poor Vision
  9. Pelvic Shakes