Two Cover Songs
Shenandoah Davis

Shenandoah Davis // Two Cover Songs

Shenandoah Davis, “Two Cover Songs” has been in the works since the summer of 2010. The first idea for the release was that it would be an original composition featuring the Portland Cello Project playing the arrangements. Unfortunately this did not work out. Shenandoah wasn’t completely satisfied with the recording of the songs and due to her frequent touring schedule, she didn’t have time to arrange a revisited recording session.

So it was scrapped.

Instead, she asked Off Tempo if the 7″ could instead be covers of two songs that she had been frequently playing at shows. One is a Shelby Sifers song called “Are You DEVO?” and the other is a song by Paleo, “This is the Life”.

  1. Are You Devo? (Shelby Sifers)
  2. This Is The Life (Paleo)