Glossy Recall
Hungry Cloud Darkening

Hungry Cloud Darkening // Glossy Recall


  1. Clearly Seen
  2. I Am Seen
  3. Hold This Moment
  4. You Look Around
  5. Blue Lights
  6. Talk About Something
  7. Fading Comfort
  8. Blue Green
  9. Hidden And No Trace
  10. Inhibited Window

This fall Pacific Northwest music label Off Tempo brings us the next big step in an ever changing world of prevailing music obsession- Glossy Recall by Hungry Cloud Darkening. The band’s 2nd LP is a perfect showroom of unique and familiar spectrally disparate organic sounds. We are granted ample space to stand and observe the vintage-innovative use of fundamental flowers guitar and keyboard and voice and bear witness to extinct monolithic bass melodies as they once existed: clear and 3D and uncompromised by medium.

The combination of the honed life-like nature of the engineering and the sparse playful behavior of the music will warrant and reward indefinite loud listens for both audiophiles and lyrics-learners alike. Allyson’s cosmic breathy words are projected into a boundless space of idle moments, decaying relationships, remembering, and misremembering, painting a picture of a rainy window view with an implied meditation on its blip nature among seasons lapsed and forthcoming. Though the record is foremost an irreverent attempt to create a new color, Glossy Recall seems to call forth feelings from listenership phases rich and deep in Roy Orbison, Yo La Tengo, Secret Square, and This Mortal Coil.