Desert Wasn't Welcome
French Quarter

French Quarter // Desert Wasn't Welcome

The newest album by Arizona's French Quarter, Desert Wasn’t Welcome, marks the fourth full-length release by 23-year-old songwriter Stephen Steinbrink. While French Quarter has been primarily a solo recording project for countless tours and a deluge of small run tapes, cd-rs, and vinyl, Desert Wasn’t Welcome marks the first collaborative recording effort of Steinbrink and his long-time live band.

Aiming to craft a record that captured a live French Quarter show, Steinbrink, with bassist Preston Bryant and drummer Chase Kamp, completed Desert Wasn’t Welcome in three days from May 18-20, 2011. Recorded initially to 2" tape by Bob Schwenkler at the perennial Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, WA, and joined on Piano and Keyboards by Andrew Dorsett of LAKE, Desert Wasn't Welcome showcases Steinbrink's most sincere, focused, and accessible and poppy music to date.

  1. Goodbye Alligator Skin
  2. Unemployed Minor
  3. Dead Flowers
  4. Lucky Passing Dream
  5. Checks & Balances
  6. 50 Lashes
  7. I Want A New Friend
  8. Red State
  9. Soul Mates
  10. Crosote
  11. Got Ideas