ALive Recording

Mt St Helens Vietnam Band

After launching off into Seattle oriented popularity from their first show at Neumo’s almost a year ago- and playing a few big venues thereafter- Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band played a really pumped up show at Heathy Times Fun Club back in September. It was a really high energy show.

Except about halfway through it I told them that they need to turn up the vocals because I couldn’t hear them really… At all. I didn’t think about the vocals and how they would sound coming through the recorder as much as just being hard to hear in general. After the vocals were bumped up, I definitely noticed my ears being more in touch with the band rather than just hearing what could have just been determined as instrumental melodies.

After the fix I noticed that the audience seemed much more receptive. I’d comically address it as they went from seeming confused on what was happening on stage to the equivalent of bobbing their heads on my dashboard. Everyone was more into it at that point. It’s always upsetting when there’s a lack of proper equalization and it’s always hard to get into the music when that happens. Example: When I saw Islands at Neumo’s with my ex-girlfriend, Neumo’s totally fucked up the sound (really really upsetting).

Mt. St Helens Vietnam Band is really solid and I was honored with being able to see them be such a kick-ass act. The house was pretty packed with a well made mix with friends and good-time strangers. It was loud as hell too! The band was having a grand time, the audience was having a grand time, and there was probably a couple that I saw kiss I dedicated an “awe” to.

—Off Tempo