ALive Recording

Ben Todd and Kristian Garrard (of Heatwarmer, Thousands) comprise Lonesome shack, the great old-time blues duo of the Pacific Northwest.

Recorded almost a year ago, this show took place at the Greenhouse in Seattle’s Central District. There were maybe fifty plus in totality who were at this show, not all of which were downstairs in the basement while Lonesome Shack was playing. The amount of people who were in the basement by the time the duo started gradually increased during the forty minutes that they played.

Everything that Lonesome Shack plays sounds old- early / late 1900′s bluesy and recorded on a dictaphone. This show was recorded on tape, adding more to the old time tone of the band if you can detect a difference in recording quality. The style is far enough from what you would hear in the normal circuit of underground Northwest music. It’s warm and refreshing, yet not of the southern states of America.

—Off Tempo