New-ish Slashed Tires "Hair Flip Music Video, New EP

Hair flip %28music video%29 This last weekend animator and producer Clyde Petersen traveled to Anacortes, Washington, to do some filming for a music video. Kenneth "Slashed Tires" M. Piekarski and Clyde decided to utilize the full potential of this occasion to eat ice cream, breakfast, play Dutch Blitz and record a Slashed Tires music video. What came of it was roughly one hour of filming at The Business in Anacortes, and at Karl Blau's new space, The Anacortes Music Channel. (Mentioned in our last newsletter.) The music video stars The Business's own Evie Opp & Nick Rennis, and (you're never going to believe this) Karl Blau.

The video features the song, "Hair Flip" that appears on a four song tour EP in the form of a download code loosely attached to a T-Shirt, which at this time can only be purchased on the Slashed Tires // Richard Album Northeast tour. You can view the music video here, or click the image above. Shirt will be revealed at a later time

Slashed Tires + Richard Album Easterly Visit

Dates are below or you can look at this Facebook event, if that's your pleasure.
4/3 – Detroit, MI @ [house show] w/ Coyote Cleanup, Sophie Tulip, Deadbeat

4/4 – Toronto, ON @ Johnny Jackson w/ Billy Moon, Luke Bill, the Fern Tips

4/5 – Buffalo, NY @ Ukrainian Hall

4/7 – Montreal, QC @ Brasserie Beaubien

4/8 – Boston, MA @ [house show]

4/9 – Philadelphia, PA @ A House Named Virtue

4/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv

4/11 – Pittsburgh @ Hairy Debbie's House of Tacos w/ Bad Braids, Ouais, Secret Paper Moon, and Coyotes by the way

4/12 – Columbus, OH (afternoon concert)

4/13 – Chicago, IL @ Cafe Mustache w/ Deadbeat, Dear Companion
After this tour, on May 2nd, Slashed Tires performs their first show in Seattle in roughly 10 months with Your Heart Breaks and iji at the Monkey Pub in Seattle.