Pre-Order "Glossy Recall"


In one week we'll be releasing Hungry Cloud Darkening's second album, Glossy Recall. We're pretty excited about it.

If this is something that you'd like to order now, you can now definitely pre-order it

Paul Benson spent a lot of time designing the art for this album and screen-printing the first run of LP jackets, which we took photos of over on our blog. The first pressing of this album will be limited to 500, and we'll have CD's until we run out. LP's come with a digital copy of the album.

If you are a record store or if you're someone who lives near one, you'll be pleased to know that The Business in Anacortes distributes OFF TEMPO to record stores WORLDWIDE!

If you've missed any of the press for Glossy Recall, then you can read commentary about some of the tracks, such as "Clearly Seen" via Impose Magazine"Blue Green" via Stereogum, and "Hold This Moment" via BULLETT Media with a quasi-interview.

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