NEW RELEASE: Glossy Recall by Hungry Cloud Darkening

Hungry cloud darkening

We’re more than pleased to announce the release of Hungry Cloud Darkening’s second album Glossy Recall on OFF TEMPO.

The record has been rolling around in these ears since it was finished in 2013 and discussions for the bands signing and release started this last December– it's been in the works for a while. Our buds Holy Page released a cassette version of this record in early 2014 (who also released the last Slashed Tires EP Alarm Clock) and it seemed to be a success. Nicholas Wilbur was receiving fan mail from emotional individuals.

When October 07 (a school night) comes about, you’ll be able to acquire this beautifully crafted album in both compact-disc and LP format.

In the meantime, Impose Magazine featured the song "Clearly Seen" this morning. If you're a fan of that publication, maybe mail them a card or treats to show them appreciation.

There will be updates forthcoming about our activities and an explaination of where Off Tempo has been since the almost two year hiatus.

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