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Heavy Flow West Coast Tour

Rebecca Redman (Watercolor Paintings, Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets), Anne Louise, Krista Marquez and Mallory Watje (Remembran, Backpack, Mega Bog, Girl Band) are going on a west coast tour from Santa Barbara in their new band Heavy Flow.Go see them! Listen to them here:

DECEMBER 11 – ISLA VISTA, CA @ KICK-OFF at Biko Garage, 6612 SUENO RD.
DECEMBER 13 – SANTA ROSA, CA @ North Bay C.A.M.P @ Transient Lounge (400A E. TODD RD)
DECEMBER 14 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Serra Bowl 3301 Junipero Serra Boulevard) with Rainbow Person, Wild Moth, Joyride
DECEMBER 15 – PORTLAND, OR @ Watershed (5040 SE Milwaukie Ave.) with Older Women, Landon Strine
DECEMBER 16 – SEATTLE, WA @ Black Lodge with Sloths, Quiver
DECEMBER 17 – SEATTLE, WA @ Funny Button with Tacocat, Cold Lake, Police Teeth, Don’t Talk to the Cops
DECEMBER 21 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ the Pink House (195 Flournoy St.)

What You May Not Have Known

As stated in the about, Off Tempo has been the around for a while. The project took a break around December of 2010 (last year) mostly due to the lack of confidence in the last site and the inability for it to be structured and accommodating proper curation of the presented material.

In that dormant period of almost one year (maybe a type of unfortunate anniversary), there have been a ton of shows recorded. There have been less than a ton of videos shot in that period. Now that things are more situated and seemingly stable with our glorified powerpoint presentation, you can rest assure that there will be gobs of material for you to sift through.

In case you are uncertain about this site and how it’s structured- it’s pretty straight forward but here is a breakdown:

Video documents: Capture live performances occasionally make outright documentaries.

Audio documents: Capture live performances only with audio. These shows are also submitted and aired on Hollow Earth Radio. This is where all of our audio goes to regardless so it’s immediately accessible to be played for the public.

The Weblog (blog): This is a bit different. The blog will not only cover bands in the NW but also bands traveling through that will be in the area. This will be more of a facet that lends the opportunity for there to be interviews, tour announcements, self-promotion, etc. that can’t be categorized as a documentable event. It’s more loose. We also have a tumblrthat’s going to be whackier.

Record Label: Off Tempo also puts out records under the same name of Off Tempo (not the alias of “Off Tempo Records”). The records we’ve released can be found here.

Zine: Currently there is work being done to acquire a grant to continue our zine series- These are short and positive reviews about bands / musicianswritten by musicians / artists / individuals in the NW and distributed in select areas (listed on the zine’s site). You can also print your own copies and distribute them. Donations area accepted to support this and our other endeavors.

Everything Off Tempo does is free and publicly available. There are advertisements on the site, but it’s mostly internal and unpaid. We operate on a volunteer bases and are accepting of grants and donations (not tax-deductable).

Off Tempo hangs out with Hollow Earth Radio: Kenneth (producer, director, writer, founder) is a deeply involved volunteer at the Seattle based internet radio station. A lot of the live recordings available on this site are built into the programming of the station and played on his program, Late Nights for the Longing. He also produced an episode for HER’s documentary series, The Sea-Port Beat (Episode 6: The Domestic Art of Home Recording).

The Domestic Art of Home Recording

With that:

Read the about page. It’s going to change slightly to make things a little more clear after this post.

Basically, Off Tempo is a Seattle based project documenting underground music in the NW United States. Most of the coverage is of Seattle but it does capture other areas of the NW as well and regional bands come through the area often enough that it still counts. It’s initial intention is to not display culture happening within the underground / subversive music community to show to itself what it’s doing- the intention is to culture, inspire and move those who live in not so fortunate regions of the world, who don’t experience “cool stuff” that The Big City has. Think of all the weird kids who live in conservative small towns that want to experience what’s not immediately accessible to them. What they can be inspired by within our captured moments in time that are available to them.

The NW is a great example of this if you have experienced or understand the dichotomy of culture between Western Washington and Eastern Washington. It’s so stark culturally and geographically. There are other places that have similar dichotomies all over the place.

While exposing underground music culture to those in need, part of the process is documenting what is presently happening in and around the area to expose underrepresented bands / musicians (sometimes under-underrepresented). The spaces that Off Tempo provide documents on are all in alternative / DIY spacesThe Bread Factory was (RIP) a garage, Funny Button is a basement that hosts domestic and international musicians, 20/20 Cycle is a bicycle shop (ran by Alex Kostelnik, a brilliant sound engineer and bike mechanic), Cairo is a boutique clothing shop, New Crompton has been a long-running show house, Helathy Times Fun Club was (RIP) more than what words can describe in what it means for everyone who experienced it… All of these places are beautiful spaces that are operated and attended by individuals who want to have a positive impact on the community. Community that’s not just limited to their local demographic. These spaces are where it starts and this is where it’s been for a while.

It’s important and it’s being captured.