Off Tempo* is a multi-media archive project predominantly covering music in Seattle and other music hotbeds of the Northwest. The project focuses on local and touring musicians performing in alternative venues in all-ages / DIY communities.

Off Tempo began as a loose project that documented local music in the Tri-Cities, Washington, from 2007 – 2008 at the 321 Art Space. Recording resumed in 2008 – 2009 in Bellingham, Seattle and in other cities across the United States. Since early 2009 to the present day most documentation and recording takes place in the Pacific Northwest

All of the audio recordings are done in all-ages spaces (houses, shops, galleries, DIY venues) and are submitted to and aired on Hollow Earth Radio, a local online community radio station based in Seattle, WA.


Off Tempo raises awareness of the underground music community by documenting local and touring bands in Washington State. Off Tempo exists online as a website to showcase this lesser-known music, provide bands with quality video and audio recordings and exposure to a wider audience.

Off Tempo is not in the business of continuing the trend of rating art with points.

Off Tempo is a free public resource.


Live recordings on Off Tempo are free to download or stream.

If we have recorded audio of a performance, most of the time we have either verbal or written consent from the artist(s) to provide said audio as a free service for the public. Sometimes we don’t.

If you are a musician whose recorded material is publicly available on this website- who has not consented to its availability and has an issue with that- please contact us.

If you are an artist who is aware that we have recorded a performance of yours but would like the audio immediately (rather than wait for it to populate onto the site), please contact us.

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We made a post in our weblog that explains the different aspects of Off Tempo and the projects within. There’s a record label division and a zine that we produce. Read about it here:



*A common mistake is that Off Tempo and Off Tempo Records are referred to as not the same. The correct nomenclature is simply Off Tempo and not Off Tempo Records